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Tom Brady inherited the MVP award by default to some extent. He played a great game and didn’t make any mistakes. It was enough.

He delivered three touchdown passes but needed only 201 yards, his lowest total since his first Super Bowl in 2001.

The Chiefs only managed to press him four times per match, while Patrick Mahomes was pressed 29 times, the highest total in Super Bowl history.

Brady only threw the ball nine times in the second half, because the pirates were running the ball out of time and the defense continued to abuse Mahomes.

This is the fifth time Brady has won the Super Bowl MVP title.

He has now won seven championships, the last with various teams, after the age of forty …

Will return next year.

An impeccable defensive plan

The Tampa Bay defense won the match with such team effort that it was virtually impossible to target an actor to award the best player in the game.

It was possible to make a call to young full back Devin White, who led the team with eight single tackles, as well as making four with his teammates.

White also put an exclamation point on this defensive masterpiece with an interception less than two minutes before the end and the MVP already being voted.

If old Tom Brady could settle in a rocking chair behind his line of attack, Patrick Mahoms, he spent the evening trying to save his skin in front of a pirate chase, led by Jason Pierre Paul, Shakeel Barrett and tackling Nadamukung Suh, who scored the most echoing bag for the evening.

The defenders, who gave Tyreek Hill 269 yards earlier this season, limited 7 passes for 73 yards, most of them when the match was a long way off.

In short, Buccaneers’ Defense Coordinator Todd Bowles was supposed to be awarded the title of Perfect Player.

In total, the Pirate Defense set the Chiefs at nine points, the lowest total for Patrick Mahoms since leading the Chiefs Attack. This is only the fifth time in 54 starts that he finishes a match without throwing a touchdown pass.

In their last three matches, Buchanier has neutralized midfielders Drew Brace, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahoms respectively. A large selection of fishing!

New pirates

Tom Brady isn’t the only newcomer to pirate crime to make his mark in the 55th Super Bowl.

His eternal friend, Rob Gronkowski, who came out of retirement to join him, scored two goals for relegation, putting the duo ahead of duo Joe Montana and Jerry Rice in most of the major teams in the qualifiers.

We must not forget the refuseniks Antonio Brown and Leonard Fornett. They were without a contract during the camp. The two scored declines on Sunday evening.

One could talk of the bosses, who had all sorts of trouble with their squad in the Corrected Attack and shot their foot with 95 yards of penalties in the first half.

When we talk about Super Bowl again, we’re going to talk about Tom Brady’s seventh victory.

Unless he wins one or two. Up to 45, 50? With him, you never know.

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