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QW4RTZ group beer

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The collaborative project was born last year between group members and the micro-brewery team. into the display microphone Live, One evening, says Philippe Leboeuf, everyone discussed their passion for good food and craft beer. They said to themselves: Why don’t you shoot a beer like us? Singer-like beer might be drunk with mango or ginger or something festive like QW4RTZ.

A C4PELL4, Sour beer with mango leaves will be distributed in about a hundred points of sale in Quebec. The group wants to become a major producer of the micro-brewery. I think it’s more exciting than releasing an album says Philip Lebov.

The beer inspired by the QW4RTZ range was created by micro-brewery Le Temps d’une Pinte in Trois-Rivieres.

Photo: Radio Canada/Martin Chabot

New show coming

According to Philip LeBeouf, members of QW4RTZ are among the lucky ones to have come out of the pandemic. Soon they switched to digital and social networks. So much so that they managed to implement several profitable projects, including the creation of a Christmas album.

They now have a good foundation to create their fourth show. On June 19, they will meet their manager Serge Postigo in Paris to put everything in place.

It will fully explode, technology supports us even more. Don’t overlook the fact that what’s so impressive is that four men sing a cappella, that’s it, no other vocals. But, we will have a little more fun with theatrical clothing, among other things, sets, technology. There’s a lot of coordination at the moment, but we have the means to achieve our ambitions right now, we have a bigger team around us and we’re missing out. »

Quote from Philip Lubov, member of the group QW4RTZ

The show is expected to be in focus on September 1. Until then, the group will be on stage at Festivoix in Trois-Rivieres on July 6. The audience will be initially treated to since the group plans to release a mini album of original songs in the coming months.

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