Two Republicans seem to secure Justice Jackson a seat on the Supreme Court

Having been called to become the 116th judge of the nation’s highest court, the 51-year-old judge will, in all likelihood, be the first African-American woman to reach her.

Despite the intense partisanship of the hearings surrounding her confirmation — and the polarizing climate that now characterizes Washington — she has managed to garner the support of the majority of Republican senators who are believed to be likely to support her.

Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney alternately announced Monday night that they would support the selection of Justice Brown, paving the way for her nomination to be confirmed.

After reviewing Judge Jackson’s record and testimony, I concluded that she was a qualified judge and a person of honor.Mitt Romney said in a statement.

Although I do not expect to agree with every decision you make in court, I believe that it meets the standards of excellence and integrity. »

Quote from Mitt Romney, Senator from Utah

Not long ago, his colleague also praised the competence of the investigating judge, even if she also said that it is not so. I agree with all his decisions and opinions.

My support is based on Judge Jackson’s unquestionable qualifications, her proven judicial independence, her conduct and temperament, and the important perspective she will bring to the Court as an alternative to a judge. [Stephen] briarfrom him announced his retirement in the beginning of the year.

It is also based on my rejection of the destructive politicization of the Supreme Court nomination review process, which is getting worse on both sides and detaches from reality year after year.she adds.

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During the hearings, Judge Jackson, for example, vigorously He defended accusations of pedophile indolence by Republican senators. Ted Cruz, for example, accused her of doing it The fight for sexual predators.

Last week, Republican Representative Susan Collins was the first to announce her support for the Republican Party in the Republican camp Candidate Chosen by Joe Bidenalso denounces the stinging tone and broken process Confirmation hearings before the Senate.

The three Republican senators voted In favor of impeachment of Donald TrumpFebruary 2021 – Mitt Romney did too During the first trialone year ago.

According to the assembly Washington Post48 Democrats and allied Democrats have so far indicated they will vote for her nomination, bringing her number of support to 51.

However, Democratic Senators Kirsten Senema of Arizona and Maria Cantwell of Washington State are expected to give the green light for his nomination.

Earlier in the day, President Joe Biden, who presented the first black woman’s nomination to the Supreme Court with an electoral promise, argued in favor of Justice Jackson, promoting her. extraordinary qualificationsshe has extensive experiencefor him the mind and his Strict judge record.

She deserves to see her appointment as a confirmed judgewrote on Twitter.

In the entire history of the court, there were only five black women and two black men on the podium.

Maintaining court balance

Senators Romney and Murkowski’s announcement comes just hours after the Senate Judiciary Committee’s tough vote on his case, along strict party lines (11 votes in favor and 11 against).

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Despite the tie, Senate rules helped advance the case for his nomination on the Senate floor.

The Senate will have its vote by the end of the week.

The expected confirmation of her appointment won’t change the court’s balance, as Judge Jackson will succeed Progressive Judge Stephen Breyer, the foundation’s 83-year-old dean.

However, it will allow Democrats to avoid a scenario like the one that caused it Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg diesin September 2020, which flipped the Supreme Court further to the right.

The vacuum left by his departure, in the middle of the presidential campaign, has allowed Donald Trump to ensure conservative control of the court, likely, for decades. The Senate, by a Republican majority, quickly approved the nomination of Emmy Connie Barrett, Sixth Supreme Court Judge He is appointed by a Republican president from among the nine judges present there.

During the vote on her nomination to the Federal Court of Appeals in Washington, Justice Jackson also had the support of three Republicans, including Senators Collins and Murkowski. If you muster Mitt Romney this time, you’ve lost the support of Lindsey Graham.

Despite his previous support, this time he presented his candidacy as a victory for Radical Left.

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