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Australian Open: Pospisil defends Djokovic

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After the referee was announced and Novak Djokovic was sent off, many players did not hesitate to express their displeasure. Among them is the Canadian Vasek Pospisil.

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Novak would never have gone to Australia if he hadn’t received a government exemption [il en avait reçu une par le juge Kelly] To enter the country, Pospisil mentioned on Twitter. He would have lost the Australian Open and would have stayed home with his family.

“And nobody would talk about this mess. There was a political agenda at stake as the election approached. It couldn’t be more clear. It’s not his fault. He didn’t make his way into this country and he didn’t want to ‘play by his own rules.’ He was willing to stay.” at home. “

Djokovic is not the only player to have been expelled from Australia due to his vaccination status. Czech Renata Vorakova, who plays mainly in doubles, was also forced to lose the Melbourne Championship.

Away from the spotlight, Voracova stayed on Australian soil for eight days with a medical exemption.

Because of her deportation, she is now facing a three-year travel ban, as well as potential problems obtaining her visas in the future.

Other supports

Pospisil is not the only one to criticize the Australian judges’ decision.

“loom [surnom de Djokovic] American John Isner noted, he has and always will be in the class. In my own book, he’s a legend and he’s done a lot of good things all over the world. It is not correct. »

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For his part, Riley Opelka told an anecdote to express his disapproval.

“I remember that at Cincinnati in 2008, he stayed on the training ground an extra hour to sign balls for all the kids who were present. I was one of those. He did a lot of good things for the sport.”

The Frenchman Alizee also supported Cornet Djokovic with a message on social networks.

“I don’t know enough about the situation to make a judgment. However, what I do know is that Novak has always been the first to defend the players. None of us did that for him. Be strong @DjokerNole.”

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