Vera vs. Granblue Fantasy: Vera’s skills in detail, with gameplay footage and videos to back it up

Signed this Saturday GBVS Cygames Cup 2021, a competition organized by the studio that presented us with great battles on Granblue Fantasy vs. Above all, it is allowed to discover the next playable character while working to merge ListAnd beautiful and dangerous Come. Announcing this summer with a short video, It’s a reminder Expected in DecemberSo it’s time to find out more about it. The trailer and release date may not be revealed until the game board in Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021, Sunday December 12, but we can already at least discover him Play.

clip from He lives above and so it was like demonstration in Come, to watch from 2:22:36, with the theme of combat in the background. The official site Updated in the process, with details of all his techniques, you can find below thanks to the English translation of Tweet embed, and clips released by the game account, see the next page. What to remember is that she will be able to summon illumination (Chevalier in Japanese) and sports in a compact format that expands its range of strokes.

Ability 1: Darkane

A series of quick hits. Versions with M/Triangle and H/Round have a follow-up with sword strikes that end with a sweep as a terminator. A new option to cancel the latter and make a dash forward instead opens when Vira is transformed.

Capacity 2: Red Beryl Sword

Invincible Anti-Aircraft Attack Equivalent to Vera Catalina Emerald Sword. Once transformed, the version with the M/Triangle is a double hit and with the H/Circle, the Luminiera fires an additional laser allowing it to chain with a group.

Capacity 3: The Scarlet Section

Forehand stroke. The version with the M/Triangle has the advantage of blocking, but at a slower rate, with a jump. After his transformation, the person with the H/Round allows a set of peg as a follow and performs the L/Square and M/Triangle releases sequentially.

Granblue Fantasy vs 02 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 03 28 11 2021

Ability 4: Summon Luminiera

Luminiera travel different distances before attacking depending on the button used. The version with the H/Circle takes the opponent’s direction. After turning, Luminiera pieces shoot rays that make it easier to hit the opponent.

Unique Action: Blade of Light

An expected attack turns Vera into a form combined with Luminiera for the remainder of the round if successful. If used remotely, Vira will advance first. Once she transforms, her skills receive an increase in performance and gain new successes.

Single action 2 (only during transformation): graceful view

Vera performs a somersault accompanied by a “lightning strike”, summons a piece of Luminera in the air and stands on it. Once in this position, she has several options.

Granblue Fantasy vs 04 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 05 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 06 28 11 2021

Graceful view – option 1: fall strike

Vera knocks on the ground. The technique has a very low recovery time.

Agile Display – Option 2: Dash

Vera is in the air (3 times at most). At the end of each dash, you stand on a new piece of Luminiera and are still in Graceful View pose.

Graceful sight – Option 3: Voice

Vera simply jumps.

Granblue Fantasy vs 07 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 08 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 09 28 11 2021

Agile View – Option: Reply

Vera jumps back. She can use aerial attacks during this jump.

Graceful view – Option 5: Descendre

Vera falls directly to the ground and can use aerial attacks in the meantime.

Special air action (only during shift): Air dash

Vera is in the air and can attack during a dash.

Granblue Fantasy vs 10 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 11 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 12 28 11 2021

Skybound Art 1: The Light Goes

An impenetrable attack prevents Vera from needing a Blade of Light to strike an opponent.

Skybound Art 2: Punishment Beam

Requires Vera makeover. Beam-shaped extruded with immunity.

Super Skybound Art 1: The Abyss of Affection

Skybound Art’s impenetrable standard strike. If she hits nearby, Vera throws the opponent into the air and stabs him.

Super Skybound Art 2: Iliad Vision

Skybound Art’s impenetrable standard strike. If you come to an end, the movie version shows the attack of Vira and Luminiera.

Granblue Fantasy vs 13 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 14 28 11 2021Granblue Fantasy vs 15 28 11 2021 Granblue Fantasy vs 16 28 11 2021

It remains to be seen whether the file Character pass 3 To be announced soon, including Come, or if the latter is sold individually.

You can buy the Standard Edition from Granblue Fantasy vs. employment Amazon at €30.03 on PS4.

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