Washington supplies the Ukrainians with advanced missile launch systems

(Washington) Joe Biden wrote in a contribution to the New York Times, aired Tuesday by the newspaper.

Posted yesterday at 9:01pm.

A senior White House official said in an interview with the press that it is a HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Missile System), that is, multiple rocket launchers mounted on light armor.

He said that the equipment that will be sent to the Ukrainian army will have a range of about 80 kilometers.

So it is not a question of long-range systems, up to several hundred kilometers, as the Americans also did.

The equipment is part of a broader component of US military assistance to Ukraine, totaling $700 million, which is due to provide details on Wednesday.

The US President indicated that he wants Ukraine to be “in the strongest possible position” in the event of negotiations with Russia, and explained to him: “We do not encourage Ukraine and do not give” Ukraine the means to strike outside its borders.

Joe Biden has always been concerned since the beginning of the conflict about not supplying the United States with weapons that, he said, would put the United States in a belligerent position on the side of the Ukrainians.

In his column in the New York Times, the Democratic president also asserted that, as Ukraine’s military faced a very intense Russian offensive in the east of the country, he would “not put pressure on the Ukrainian government, either privately or publicly, to make territorial concessions.”

The stated goal of Russian forces was to take control of the large mining basin in Donbass, which was seized by pro-Russian separatist forces with Moscow’s support in 2014.

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On Tuesday, they captured a large part of the strategic city of Severodonetsk.

The Ukrainians have for some time been calling for multiple rocket launchers that would allow them to strike Russian positions deeply with their batteries far from the front.

The US Congress recently issued a huge new envelope, worth $40 billion, to fund sending weapons to Ukraine.

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