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“We didn’t deserve to win”

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Virginia Whitehead
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There is more and more color in choosing Dominique Ducharme’s jackets and shirts, but for match analysis, it will always be black or white. There is no gray area with it.

After losing 4-1 to Calgary Flames, the team chased the Montreal Canadiens to finish fourth in the Northern Division, the caretaker manager did not take a turn to explain his team’s performance.

“We got what we deserved, that’s it,” Ducharme said on Wednesday. We didn’t deserve to win. “

From the second period, he was manipulating his lines in hopes of re-igniting the flame. When I tell about changes, give a more honest answer.

He replied, “Tonight, we did not have enough players to play with their potential.” Trying to light fires, looking for sparks. We need more players. “

Ducharme did not use the word traveler, but he meant just that. He also had the wisdom not to identify any player.

However, some of the names are easy to spot. Nick Suzuki (-3), Tyler Toffoli (-3), Jesberry Kotkaniemi, Thomas Tatar, Chia Weber (big turnaround for Flames’ third goal) are part of the unseen group in this match against Flames.

Lost battles

When asked if Flames’ third goal was a reflection of the disjointed play of his team and captain recently, Ducharme declined to criticize Weber.

He replied, “In general, it is not the case that we are given many opportunities.” What we don’t like is that we spend a lot of time on our lands. We didn’t kill games quickly, we just weren’t winning 50-50 imp fights. We were chasing the disc. In the first period, we couldn’t win a match. We did not start with the imp and did not win our battles. “

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In Showdown Showdown, CH finished with a slim 40%. Suzuki and Kotaniemi, the two young men in the middle, suffered again 40% and 30% respectively.

He said, “I don’t know if it’s recurring.” Every night is different. For our youth centers, you cannot change this in three weeks or a month. We work with them, make videos, and look at tools to help them. When you face confrontations against youths between the ages of 10-12 and 15 in the NHL, it’s not easy. But as a team, we have to be better. When you don’t have a disc, you have to run behind it. We weren’t winning 50-50 pucks. It often comes together. ”

Briefing by Nick Suzuki

Press briefing from Geoff Petrie

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