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An annoying animal that was actually … a crescent!

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Polish animal welfare inspectors expressed surprise Wednesday after being called in about a seemingly dangerous animal hiding in a tree … which turned out to be a crescent.

The Krakow Animal Protection Association said in a Facebook post that it had received a desperate call from a resident of this southern Polish city, who claimed to have seen an annoying animal.

“He’s been on a tree in front of the house for two days!” “People do not open their windows because they are afraid that he will enter their home,” said this person. She added, according to statements carried by the organization, “It is brown in color, placed in a tree.”

SPA agents indicated that it may have been a bird of prey. But the person who called them said the animal looked more like an iguana, even though they couldn’t find the word and called it “lake” at first.

The inspectors went there the same way and ended up seeing the thing of interest in lilac, noting that it “has neither legs nor head.” “We already knew we couldn’t help this creature … the mysterious ‘lake’ … turned out to be a crescent,” they reported.

The Saudi Press Agency said it hoped the incident did not deter others from raising concerns about animal welfare. She said she’s been getting calls about abandoned cats, dogs, and even fish.

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