Tuesday, July 16, 2024

We make the NBA Playoffs 2021!

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Usually, we’re already swinging the semi-finals of the conference at this time of year. But recent events around the world have taught us to ban the word “habit” from our vocabulary. No problem, our imaginations stayed home with us and allowed us to embark on a little science fiction exercise as we approach (anyway) the NBA Qualifiers 2021.

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While the bad coronavirus deprives us of our favorite dessert at the moment, we won’t admit defeat so easy. Bastian, Alex and Simon improvised a little 100% imaginative free flow with one question in mind: What will the 2021 Qualifiers that are set to start in two short weeks give them? And before that, we have to start by looking at this popular gaming tournament that talks about LeBron and the teams that suddenly find themselves between the 7 and 10. After that, who can create the surprise of the first round? Could the Knicks continue to surprise everyone? Will the Suns and Jazz domination continue Postseason To decide on a series in the 7 rounds of the Conference Finals? Are the Nets really the big favorites without being able to play the Big Three together in the regular season? Will we have an unprecedented NBA champ this season? Anything is possible, even more so when we talk about an imaginary exercise. So we left all of the arcs for two hours and 15 minutes of discussions about the best sports scene on the planet that awaits us very soon.

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Today is Friday and it’s free streaming too! The qualifiers were already supposed to start so we can’t wait to imagine what will happen during this Postseason 2021. 1 … 2 … 3 … Let’s dream together.

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