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MRC Abitibi signs management delegation agreement

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In fact, mayors agreed to sign a five-year agreement and thus join all other MRCs under an agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Only Abetepe Medical Research Council has yet to sign the convention.

Mayors of the Amos region did not succeed in obtaining a new agreement that would give them more income and more independence in their administration, but it would be able to benefit from the power of influence.

We agreed to sign as long as we included the National Committee to submit proposals on the terms of the management agreement. It is a work schedule that is currently providing recommendations, and the ministry has assured us that we can reopen the terms and conditions because we decide together that they are better for the region.Governor Sebastian Dustus explains.

There was the whole income issue, but also the process level, and this is where I want to get involved to help us and they understand our reality. It will be beneficial to all regions of Quebec, since it is a general agreement of all MRC territories that have signed it., Determines.

The Migrant Resource Center has been responsible for managing the resort’s lease contracts as well as exploiting the sand and gravel on its grounds since 2015.

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