When ice fishing aligns with raising awareness

A snag, a worm, a hole in the ice and patience: that’s all it takes to enjoy a day of snow fishing. Several Nord-Côtiers tested the experience on Saturday.

according to’watershed organization Duplessis, about 300 people came to harass the fish. This year is a good year, there are a lot of people. Participating in great numbers and the day isn’t overcommented Isabel Daisy, a post from Sept.

The day aims to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving aquatic environments. me’watershed organizationDuplessis also wanted to prove that its conservation goes hand in hand with a productive and sustainable fisheries.

Watershed organization Duplessis director, Aurélie Le Hénaff, is pictured during the activity.

Director of the Duplessis Watershed Organization, Aurélie Le Hénaff.

Photo: Radio Canada/Felix Label

We are here in winter, but above all summer activities can have an impact on water quality, such as use [excessive] Motorboats and personal watercraftexplains the organization’s director, Aurélie Le Hénaff.

Lac de Rapids is the water source for September, so it is very important to conserve it. This is the water we drink every day. »

Quote from Aurelie Le Hanaf, CEO of OBV Duplessis

Wildlife officers from the sector also took the opportunity to attend and discuss with the participants. We raise awareness and prevention. We can explain the regulations, especially with regard to fishing because that is the contextAlexandre Lafond, wildlife official explains.

Wildlife officer Alexandre Lafond, in an interview with Radio Canada

Wildlife officer Alexandre Lafond, in an interview with Radio Canada

Photo: Radio Canada/Felix Label

For Mr. Lafond, Saturday was also an opportunity to meet residents and discuss with citizens. It’s a great opportunity for us to get closer [des] Peoplesummarizes.

The beginning of many

All necessary ice fishing equipment was provided to the participants on Saturday. For many, this was their first experience.

We know more about how to line up with weight and ground glass, so if we wanted to start over, we’d have more knowledge.Rejoices the present citizen Nadia Lebel.

A volunteer stands by a table with ice fishing gear.

A volunteer stands by a table with ice fishing gear.

Photo: Radio Canada/Felix Label

Several volunteers were also on site on Saturday and took the time to share their best fishing techniques.

Activity is back after a year-long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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