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Fire in Roberval: The government will rebuild the court

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The building was undergoing extensive renovations before the fire broke out.

We know how important this project is to society and we share the grief of the citizens. I will talk to local officials to plan what to do next. One thing is certain, however, and that is that we intend to rebuild, Can we read in a post shared on Twitter by Mr Jolin-Barrette.

Andrée Laforest, Minister Responsible for Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Roberval Member of Parliament, Nancy Guillemette, and Roberval’s mayor, Sabin Côté, responded during a press conference held at the Roberval City Hotel on Sunday afternoon.

This is a project that will be delayed, but it will pay offLaforest mentioned that she was trying to be comforting.

Mr Cotet refused to say that the heritage building was a total loss. It will be people from Société Québécoise des Infrastructure with professionals who will do the real damage. It might be But every By the size of an event everyone concluded that there is nothing more recoverable. We don’t have to specify that at the moment, He said.

The fire destroyed the heritage building on Saturday evening. The building is undergoing renovation and expansion work, and is an estimated value of more than $ 66 million.

Massive damage

The emergency services were alerted around 7 pm. No one was inside the courtroom when the fire broke out. The flames were still visible on Sunday morning.

About 45 firefighters participated in the fire. Firefighters from Sainte-Hedwidge, Roberval and Chambord responded with a public alert. Teams from Saint-Félicien and Mashteuiatsh also participated in the operation.

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The Robertfall fire safety service does not know the origin of the fire. The cause of the fire is still unknown. The investigation should begin within the next few days once expert assessments confirm the quality of the residual structure.

The flames have assumed impressive proportions.

Photo: Radio Canada / Annie Claude Bresson

The City of Roberval will endeavor to conserve what is left of the building as much as possible. The loss is enormous. The beauty of this project is that the team you work with SQI, In creating a mixture of contemporary elements to enhance the strengthening of the heritage building. We wish each other good luck with the possibility of recovery. If there is something to be recovered in the heritage building we will want to analyze that possibility with SQI We make sure to keep promoting all of our heritage in the community. We have a very strong cultural culture in Roberval and it will continue in this directionThe mayor said.

I am so mourned for the citizens of Roberval who lost a beautiful building. As we explained, we are a very flexible community. We’ll come out of this stronger. We will stay together. In a few months or a few years, we will have a beautiful court to open in RobervalLocal Representative Nancy Gillemet concluded.

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