10 minutes maximum to treat kidney stones!


  • Kidney stone disease affects 10% of the population in France.
  • The main causes of kidney stones are lack of hydration, excess salt and protein of animal origin, lack of fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

It is formed in the kidneys. Stones are stones of varying size consisting of mineral salts that accumulate in his vital organs. These can pass into the urinary tract and are excreted naturally with urine. But sometimes, the accounts remain blocked and prevent the passage of urine, which can lead to renal colic, which is sudden and severe pain in the lower back and abdomen. According to the University Hospital of Lyon, in 50% of patients, a second crisis is observed within the next five years.

Ultrasound lithotripsy, a new technology against lithotripsy

To better treat kidney stones, researchers at the University of Washington (USA) have developed a new way to get rid of stones quickly. This is lithotripsy sound wave. This short-term technique uses ultrasound to destroy stones without anesthesia. To confirm the effectiveness of this device, scientists conducted a study that included The results were published in the journal Urology Journal March 21.

For the purposes of their work, the scientists recruited 19 people with kidney stones. The patients were on their way to have a ureteroscopy. Prior to this examination of the upper urinary tract, the volunteers had lithotripsy with a wave of sound waves. “Up to 3 stones targeted per subject, max 10 minutes each”The authors said. Using a ureteroscope, they were able to directly observe the effectiveness of ultrasound in destroying stones.

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Destroy kidney stones in 10 minutes

Overall, an average of 90% of stone volume was completely destroyed and 21 of 23 (91%) crushed stone. Fragmentation occurred within 10 minutes of sound wave lithotripsy in 9 of the 23 stones. “Of the six least fragmented computations, potential factors for reduced efficiency included computations larger than beamwidth or smaller than wavelength,” Can we read in the results.

“The ability to non-surgically destroy stones and evacuate splinters from patients on their first visit to the emergency room or clinic can help deliver treatment on time, reducing pain, costs and resources associated with account formation,” Scientists concluded in statment.

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