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Emotional intelligence is the key to entrepreneurship success?

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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In contrast to some of the previous results, the researchers observed a stronger correlation between emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial success than this success with cognitive intelligence.

The skills needed to succeed in the “traditional” world of work and the world of entrepreneurship differ. But at what point? American researchers in management and entrepreneurship have explored this aspect. Based on nearly 40 studies and observations of 65,826 entrepreneurs, they found thatemotional smartness It seems to be the best indicator of entrepreneurial success. He is more related to this success thanIntelligence Perceptual, also known as general mental ability. Than ” Inconsistent with Meta-analyzes the previous »Write my authorsa study.

Emotional skills will be the key to success in entrepreneurship.  © rh2010, Adobe Stock

Emotion is in the center

« Entrepreneurs benefit from emotional skills a lot more than other skills, such as IQ, due to the high level of uncertainty and ambiguity that comes with the world of entrepreneurship. », Supports Regan Stephenson, one of the authors. In all other professional circles, IQ remains No doubt Best Preacher in Performance and Success, adds Ernst O’Boyle, who is also a co-author. He notes that people with higher emotional intelligence not only tend to be more successful on top of A. a company, But they also value this success more than typical job success.

This ability makes it easy to overcome the rollercoaster inherent in entrepreneurship. Especially in times of crisis. ” The extreme nature of Epidemic It made the ability to manage emotions and social connections critical », Confirms Ernst O’Boyle. Since intelligence passionate Related to social skills in general, such as recognizing other people’s needs or creating informed first impressions. The authors believe that These skills can enhance creativity and recognition of opportunity, aid decision-making in emotionally unstable situations, and enable adaptive responses to unexpected events. ».

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