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2021 Census: Capsules to Guide the Akkadians

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to me meadowStatistics Canada data so far do not correspond to the actual number of French speakers in Nova Scotia.

The organization’s director, Marie-Claude Rio, stresses that the census is a very important exercise for the Akkadian and Francophone community in the province.

It allows us to measure exactly who we areShe explained.

For the first time this year, the new questions will provide more accurate data on language.

So far, one of the main criticisms leveled at Statistics Canada has been that it did not really allow us to gauge the whereabouts of the French speakers and who the French speakers are.Ryo says.

By asking more detailed questions it allows us to really gauge who the French speakers are and where they are.

Quote from:Marie Claude Rio, Academic Federation of Nova Scotia

A higher census could allow French speakers to build larger schools, for example Marie-Claude Río.

We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see more French speakers in the following data from Statistics Canada when the census is you say.

Capsules meadow Available on YouTube (A new window) From the body.

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