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Insect is a vector of diseases.

It’s the regional health agency that says it and repeats it: After Indre or Cher, tiger mosquitoes continue to expand in Center-Val de Loire and settle permanently in Indre-et-Loire. In total, it is listed in 4 of the 6 departments of the Centre-Val de Loire

“An analysis of the reports of individuals and surveys of nesting traps made it possible to detect the presence of the tiger mosquito in two towns of Tours-Metropole: in Tours, around Place Coty and in Guyes Les, around the cemetery de la Ribeire. The extension of the colonized areas makes it impossible to think about treatment with pesticides “ Health authorities reported at the end of 2020 and there is no doubt that these sites will be more numerous this summer.

Egg laying was first observed on June 22 in Inder. Insect bites until November. 250 traps have been set up in the area for monitoring, and the Innovalys laboratory in Tor is responsible for this task.

“The tiger mosquito can transmit certain viruses (dengue, chikungunya, Zika) if it bites a person who has recently been infected during a trip to an intertropical region.” Again refers to the regional health agency. Remember that the beast eggs withstand the winter cold … so they reappear like a flower during the spring, and thus can quietly expand their influence. Hence the idea of ​​avoiding giving him very favorable living conditions …

How do you slow its expansion?

1 – “Before winter, turn off the water from mosquitoes to prevent their spread and protect yourself.” Refers to the ARs identification that ” Each female tiger mosquito lays about 200 eggs. Upon contact with water (even in small amounts: the equivalent of a plastic bottle cap is enough to lay eggs), the eggs produce larvae. This is where it is necessary to work, by removing all standing water! “

2- Covering water tanks: Water tanks, tanks and basins with a cover or a simple piece of cloth, as well as swimming pools are not usable. Get rid of places where water can stagnate, inside and out: flower cups, used tires, bulky objects, children’s toys. Also remember to keep burials in cemeteries, places that help mosquitoes thrive. Check the correct flow of rainwater from the gutters.

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3 – Learn to identify the tiger mosquito to indicate its presence. It is very small (about 5 mm, wings and proboscis included), has black and white stripes (without yellow), on the body and legs, lives and stings during the day, its bite is painful. You can make a report on the site www.signalement-moustique.fr.

Photo: Place Coty in Tours, colonized by tiger mosquito.

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