Final Fantasy 14 is very popular on Steam and Twitch

Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG continues to gain popularity thanks to the arrival of famous players in the game.

La Steam . version Famous MMORPG from Square Enix He just broke a new record in attendance never set before. Actually, Final Fantasy Fourteenth bid Sunday 4th July climax 47,542 players at a time.

These numbers only relate to the Steam version of the title, from last month It beat World of Warcraft juggernaut with 2.49 million active players Certainly PC, PS4 And the PS5.

Famous American Signs Asmongold It is no stranger to this sudden rise in popularity. player world of cans He decided to try his hand at another MMORPG which is a huge success since it has piled up 211733 spectators During his first broadcast on FF14 Saturday 3rd July.

Another American streamer, Koh Karnage, also contributed to the construction by access 21168 . MMO viewers Square Enix.

from his side Final Fantasy XIV category on Twitch reached the peak 221 337 Spectators skip world of cans or valuation, moment in time.

If you are interested in this MMORPG, know that the next expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will arrive one day November 23, 2021 Certainly PS4, PS5 And the Computer. In addition to the title Free up to level 60 Including the first extension of All new players.

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