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7 Halloween activities that are perfect for scared people

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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If horror movies, haunted houses, and ghost stories scare you, there’s a way to enjoy Halloween without having to jump in.

To get you in the mood, we invite you to point out these seven ideas for original, accessible activities. Make this Halloween edition one of the most memorable.

So here are seven Halloween activity ideas that aren’t scary.

A gorgeous pumpkin village is hidden away just an hour from Montreal. This is Pumpkin Town: a magical place where you can pick your own pumpkin, visit pumpkin houses and cars, and venture through a corn maze.

560, 69e Street, San Zotec

2) Taste the excellent Iconoglace Ghost Sundae

Open until October 10, Iconoglace Cream offers a sundae that is far from indifferent. This is “witch’s crap,” a dessert covered in hot caramel or hot chocolate fondant. This homemade waffle cone hat adds a fun touch. We are totally in love!

1320 Belanger Street, Montreal

3) Hike to Marmite aux Sorcières de Sutton

This famous hike leads in Sutton Natural Environment Park to Marmite aux Sorcières. It is a drop of water imitating a bowl. To get there, simply stop at P3, cross on Rue Bernier and follow the directions for the Village-Montagne Trail to Marmite aux Sorcières. The round trip takes only 20-30 minutes on foot.

663 Maple Road, Sutton

All good reasons to drink a good pumpkin latte in anticipation of Halloween. Here are 30 addresses in Montreal where you can find pumpkin spice latte.

5) Go see a candlelit party

Fantastic classical concerts are held in the most beautiful churches of the city to provide an extraordinary experience. Consider getting a ticket to the Halloween show on October 21.

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6) Eat (too much) Pillsbury cookies and get a movie marathon

No rocket science here: aside from horror movies, some movies are inspired by the world of Halloween and you might well like it. With some good Halloween Pillsbury cookies, settle in with plenty of blankets and treat yourself to a movie night (yeah, yeah, you have a right to listen). Gilmore Girls if you wish).

7) Make a road trip in Salem

About five hours from Montreal, above Boston, Massachusetts, Salem is a city full of history and amazing to visit in the fall. As enchanting as one can be, the seaside town offers many activities that perfectly fit into the Halloween theme. Away from the haunted houses, you can enjoy concerts, parades, etc.

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