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Member Laviolette-Saint-Maurice recalls that Autoroute 55 became Route 155 there, according to her, that is used by more than 10,000 vehicles per day.

The petition calling for a course track to be added to existing plans was posted online at the end of February. It has so far collected more than 500 signatures. The instigators of the movement are the residents of the residential division of Le Récif, located on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River in the Saint-Georges sector.

Currently, the only way for residents to get to the other side by bike is to use the Grand-Mère Bridge, which is six kilometers away. However, there are no plans for active transport in this department.

A movement agitator says he is aware of the cost of adding a bike path in plans and specifications for the new bridge, but expects positive results.

By adjusting plans, it will certainly cost more, but there will be repercussions for the health and safety of residents. Tourism will also increasesays Jacques Provost, one of the instigators.

They say they want this infrastructure for themselves and for future generations.

The movement also counts on the support of the Boisés region’s municipal councillor, Louis-Jean Garceau, who wants to see the Saint-Georges sector finally linked with a bike path to the rest of the city.

The Department of Transportation and the City of Shawinigan confirm that no official application has been submitted yet. Citizens plan to file the petition at the Shawinigan City Council meeting on April 12.

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