A certain Affinity is strengthening its relationship with 343 Industries, and developments for Halo Infinite are coming

While some studios make a name for themselves with their own productions, others can make a name for themselves in support. This is a certain case of convergence, which especially helped the development of Halo 2, Dom, or Call of duty. In 2020, we learned that Certain Affinity was working on it infinite aura In partnership with 343 Industries. Earlier this year insiders Jeff Grob and then Jes Corden announced that the studio was working on an Xbox exclusive inspired by monster hunter: The Suert Project.

strong partnership

After fifteen years of working on the franchise HelloCertain Affinity teams have announced that the relationship with 343 Industries will be strengthened. Not for any project! The studio declares that it has the publisher’s confidence to develop infinite aura.

According to this press release, this won’t be a simple support job, but a real evolution of the job title. According to famous insider Jes Corden, this project will be called “Tatanka”, and rumors he’s heard talk of a game mode with items taken from Battle Royales, such as a checkered arena. Unique elements will set this new mode apart from other competing titles.

As a reminder, the second season of infinite aura It will be released on May 3, 2022 with several changes. You can find her teaser trailer below:

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