A master at deception, she hides a skeleton in her old house

Sue Gough, who lives in Dorking, England, loves to play tricks on her family, but upon selling her home, she decides to take it a bit.

Just before the keys were handed over, Sue had to do a job tidying up the house, and by finding old photos left by the previous owner, she had an idea to continue the tradition.

She decided to let something more terrifying reach the mirror.

Sue Goff hid an old skeleton she was decorating for Halloween with an envelope that reads 2021 Stash Champion.

Then the 57-year-old mom closed the wall and the new owners will only find out about the surprise during future renovations.

“My husband, Darren, doesn’t share the same sense of humor that I have, the moment he saw me wearing the skeleton, he smiled and left,” Sue Goff says.

Skeleton isn’t likely to be her last role, she thinks she’d add a few nasty surprises before moving on.

“If I spot a fake skeleton in my new home, I’ll find it very funny, it’s kind of a joke,” explains the mum.

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