Bernard Drenville Returns: ‘I find it totally embarrassing’

Now it’s official, Bernard Drenville will be a candidate in the upcoming county elections under the CAQ banner.

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“I find it quite embarrassing,” said Thomas Malker. He believes Bernard Drenville’s return to politics with the CAQ is embarrassing given his previous associations with the Parti Québécois.

Mathieu Boc Cote, for his part, asserts that he does not believe that Mr. Drinville no longer has sovereign aims.

We know very well that Bernard Drenville is still a breakaway. We know very well that he has to hide his independence while arriving at CAQ,” launched Mathieu Bock-Côté.

For Emmanuelle Latraverse, it’s perhaps not surprising that a former PQ player switched to CAQ.

“Unlike my colleagues, I can imagine someone saying ‘I’m pro-sovereign, I’ve been one my whole life, but at some point the Prime Minister called me, I want to serve, I’m on board,'” says Ms. Latravers.

She also believes Bernard Drenville defended himself well during his “full-body” press conference on Tuesday.

*Watch the full exchange in the video above*

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