A new lease of life for cultural diversity on screen

“Melissa Bedard don’t complain,” pleads Mathieu Chanteloi. “Now that you have successfully opened the door, you are simply trying to allow other people from underrepresented communities to tell their stories. These reviews are a real heartbreaker for me.”

The Ambassadors of the Discover Us campaign: Adeeb Al-Khalidi, Shamir Anderson, Kaunari DeVere Jacobs, Simo Liu.

Cultural Diversity: Indeed many great jobs

Melissa Medard represents the campaign let’s find out Along with dozens of other ambassadors for cultural diversity. Some of them, such as Adeeb Al-Khalidi, Cynthia Wu Mihawks, and Mariana Mazza, are already well known to the general public.

We saw Adeeb Al-Khalidi in Matthias and Maxim By Xavier Dolan, or at my friend Walid, which he co-produced and co-wrote in addition to playing a role.

Cynthia Wu-Maheux embodies computer ace Da-Xia Bernard in District 31Quebec’s most popular series. The role earned her, in 2018, a Gemini Awards nomination in the Best Supporting Role (Female) category.

Mariana Mazza, for her part, has had a parallel career as a comedian and actress (particularly in Good Cop, Bad Cop 2). She is of Uruguayan and Lebanese descent – not Italian as many people think.

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