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Renewed interest in filming in New Brunswick

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Roger LeBlanc has been responsible for sales at Ivan Camera in Moncton, New Brunswick for 37 years.

Photo: Radio Canada

Roger LeBlanc has been there for 37 years and didn’t expect these old devices to come back, while digital is in full swing.

It really increased a lot. You see guys arriving here with cameras, either they found cameras from their parents and grandparents and then they are interested in the movie and they haven’t seen a movie before, it’s new to them. »

Quote from Roger LeBlanc, Sales Director of Ivan Camera

Ivan Camera is the only store in the county that develops color photographic film on site and has increased demand by 45 percent in the past two years.

Although the store no longer sells film cameras, the sale of photographic film has increased by 5 percent, despite the lack of such listings that affected the store two years ago.

We develop twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays and there are weeks when there are more than 50 to 60 film rollsAs Roger LeBlanc says.

Camera well appreciated by amateurs

Amateur photographer Marc-Andre Bellevue in a garden

Marc-Andre Bellevue is an amateur photographer with an interest in cinematography.

Photo: Radio Canada

For movie photography enthusiasts like Marc-André Belliveau, this type of device offers a different style of image, compared to those captured on mobile phones.

I don’t think digital photos are not good or anything else, I just like the method so much more. buttock movie and it’s like a machine you Designation You are on your own.

Nothing is automatic and that’s what I like, you can be more creative, you have more controlHe says.

Once his photos are taken, Marc-André Belliveau goes to Ivan Camera to develop them. Then the images are transferred to it on the key USB Or on an online link, but he also has the option to print them on site.

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