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A problem with the Russian vaccine?

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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It is still the end of the end! Canada, In the back of the package in developed countries in terms of people who have been vaccinatedSelf-employed in the Poor Countries Bank to get doses. Less than 3% of Canadians were vaccinated.

Canada, a rich G7 country, is so destitute that it has to ask for aid. We’ll see everything! How has the Canadian government not planned a better strategy? He had a year to prepare.

Help from India, thank you, but …

Justin Trudeau appealed to the Indian Prime Minister last week and we can expect 500,000 vaccines to be delivered within a month.

It is not enough to sand champagne. On the one hand, it is very low doses. Most importantly, the Indian “Coffeeshield” vaccine is AstraZeneca, which is only 60% effective, and is highly ineffective for people 65 and over. A class II vaccine that will populate the poor countries bank specifically. It is a snapshot of consolation.

Finding alternatives in Russia

The most prestigious medical journal The scalpel Results published last week showed 91.6% efficacy of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine (95% for Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna).

Discussions are ongoing between the European Medicines Agency and Russia. Angela Merkel has spoken with Vladimir Putin regarding a possible joint production of a Russian vaccine.

Canada has never had any concerns about ordering masks or medical supplies in large quantities from China, so why do we have problems with Russian vaccines?

If countries like France, Germany, Austria, and many others put aside geopolitics, then what is Canada waiting for? If the vaccine is approved by European authorities, there is no reason to dispense with it in Canada. It would be boring to be the last to move again. Moreover, do we have enough injections?

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