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A proposal to unblock a hospital in Victoria’s major fears

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But the Secretary of Health, Adrian Dix, wanted to get things right. Although this procedure may be considered, it is in no way considered for patients who still require care.

If you need to be in the hospital, it makes no sense to find a hospital somewhere else or to build a new hospital in a hotel. It doesn’t happen and it won’t because it doesn’t make sensehe argues.

The Minister of Health, Adrian Dix, assures that this measure is not out of the ordinary.

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The proposal is rather aimed at people who, although they no longer need care, are unable to go home or are waiting for a bed in another department, the island’s health authority confirms.

[La note de service] Offers options to facilitate hospital discharge in order to provide beds for people who need care. It’s part of our regular vacation planning before and during the pandemicThe board writes in a statement.

The situation was exacerbated by the shortage of human cadres

Professor Damian Kontandriopoulos at the University of Victoria School of Nursing believes this is a sign that the health care system is on its knees and that bottlenecks exist at all levels.

The emergency department cannot deliver patients who require prolonged hospitalization to the upper floor because there are no beds and the people on the floors do not know where to put them [les patients] Because there is always new pressurehe explains.

We’re talking about not knowing what to do with people because the number of patients who need the hospital is far more than the hospital can treat them. »

Quote from Damien Kontandriopoulos, Professor, School of Nursing, UVIC

The vice president of the county nurses’ union, Adrian Gere, noted that not only is the situation critical in county hospitals, but staff are also exhausted.

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The nurses didn’t get a break and they need a breakexplains.

However, the solution to relieving the pressure on the health system is no longer simply hiring more staff. It is still essential that these new employees remain in their jobs and not leave the profession.

We have fresh graduates entering the system after 2-5 years in university and leaving it [leur emploi] Because the workload is too heavy, because it is unhealthy and they do not feel respectedas you say.

For its part, the Vancouver Island Health Authority confirms this, even if it is a period Too busyHospitals can continue to accept new patients who need care.

With information from Mira Pines and Benoit Ferradini

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