A rally in Montreal to demand the lifting of the US embargo on Cuba

MONTREAL – At the end of Saturday, a number of people gathered in front of the US Consulate General in Montreal to demand the lifting of the US embargo on Cuba, which has been the subject of historic anti-government protests last week.

The event, which took place on West St. Catherine Street, was organized by the Table de concertation de Solidarité Québec-Cuba (TCSQ-C). The organization says that it has established sit-in queues for several years in front of the American Consulate to denounce the siege.

But this month is taking a special turn because of the disinformation campaign against Cuba. We see that the United States increases its pressure on Cuba. Since there are demonstrations, we exaggerate their scale in an attempt to believe that Cuba is in danger with its system of government,” he explained in an interview with The Canadian Press, TCSQ-C Secretary Sean O’Donoghe. He requests “stop disinformation about Cuba.”

TCSQ-C believes that climate “will serve to justify the so-called humanitarian intervention”.

Mr. O’Donoghue believes that the aim of the blockade imposed in 1962 was always to impoverish the country so that “the world would be angry and overthrow the government”.

On July 11, demonstrations took place in various Cuban cities to denounce the shortage of medicine and food and to demand more freedom and the abolition of the dictatorship.

The Cuban government has criticized the United States for orchestrating the escalation of anger through social media, which experts say is simplistic.

According to TCSQ-C, the United States added 242 sanctions against Cuba and the embargo cost the Cuban economy $130 billion in 60 years. He adds that the United States has also restricted the right of Cuban Americans to send money to their families in Cuba.

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Mr. O’Donoghue wants the Canadian government to maintain its ties with this Caribbean country and to pressure the United States to end sanctions.

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