With this lunar phenomenon, floods are likely to become more frequent

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Human impact, combined with natural phenomena, is likely to cause devastating floods in the next decade.

This week, Belgium and Germany were particularly affected by the historic floods. Thousands of people have now been affected and must rebuild. However, this phenomenon can become frequent. Indeed, according to a study conducted by NASA, in cooperation with the University of Hawaii, the future change of the moon’s orbit during the 1930s could have serious consequences.

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Combined with climate change, this lunar phenomenon can cause devastating floods on coasts around the world. Remember that it is now an established fact that global warming will inevitably lead to an increase and intensification of extreme natural phenomena such as hurricanes, hurricanes and major floods that cause flooding.

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However, the difference in the moon’s orbit is a completely normal phenomenon. Thus, approximately every 20 years or less, the level of gravity of the Moon changes since the position of the latter with respect to the Earth also changes. ” During half of this cycle, this phenomenon causes low tides and low tides. During the other half of the cycle, the tides are amplified, with higher tides and lower tides‘, explains NASA in the scientific journal The nature of climate change. Thus, the ravages of global warming, combined with the gravitational pull of the Moon and the constant rise in sea levels, risk causing frequent large floods to form.

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The floods in Belgium this week are certainly the most serious in the country’s history. A call for donations has also been launched By the Red Cross to help all those people who find themselves today with nothing.

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