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A school year of “angry madness” at DSFM

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Alain Laberge says right away: The school year was heavy. It was really crazy.

Early in August, the district told us that the physical distance of two meters between students must be respected. But we were not able to provide it in all our schoolsRemembers Alain Laberge.

Due to the lack of space in the classroom, the DSFM He said he was trying to get new jobs. She is instead stuck budget constraintsSorry, Mr. Laberge.

In many schools we had round tables or S-shaped tables, [mais en raison de la pandémie] We can’t get it anymore. We had to borrow approximately 350 offices from Saint-Boniface University since there were no offices available in the county. Everyone was looking for offices, says Alan Laberge.

Mental health and strategic plan

head رئيس CSFMBernard Lesage points out that this pandemic has highlighted at least one direction for the next strategic plan, mental health.

Mr. Lesage notices this New trends appeared Because of the whole mental health problem that already existed.

The process of consultation with the school communities, involved in creating the strategic plan, had to be scrapped in the middle, recalls Bernard Lesage. Hopes to continue the consultation round next fall.

What do you expect for the next academic year?

We will probably have a new school year in yellow, explains Alain Laberge.

So the Director-General does not expect health restrictions regarding the number of students, but rather directives regarding the wearing of masks in schools.

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The sanitary measures imposed will depend on the number of vaccinated pupils.

According to Alain Laberge, it will always be impossible to respect physical distancing in the upcoming school year.

A good year for many schools and day care centers

Despite all the hardships they’ve faced, Alain Laberge and Bernard Lesage believe the school year has been full of positives thanks to the opening of new schools and daycares.

During this entire storm, we had the School du Nord that opened in September., mentions Alain LaBerge.

Two new day centers have been expanded or completely built. We are talking about Notre Dame de Lourdes and Saint Joachim.

To this must also be added the expansion work of the Noel Richeau School in Saint Norbert, as well as the expansion of the School of Saint Joachim and the construction of a gymnasium in Saint-Claude.

We didn’t get paralyzed moving some files forwardBernard Lesage notes.

There was also Good news from the Department of Education about new construction in Sage Creek and Brandon, says Mr. Laberge.

We breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Ministry [de l’Éducation] acknowledgment of needs DSFM.

Quote from:Alain Laberge, Principal of Franco Manitoban School مدرسة

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