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Acadian de Carraques Festival: Beware of fake tickets

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Be careful of fake tickets People seem to be trying to sell fake tickets for some festival shows, especially those at Salebarbes and Bois-Joli. Be vigil and don’t buy tickets online from people you don’t know… neither for the festival nor any other event, the Acadian de Carraques Festival wrote in a Facebook post on Monday morning.

The manager of the ticket office, Marie-Soleil Landry, notes that a young lady contacted the organizers at the beginning of the week, because she questioned the legality of the ticket that she wanted to buy online, via a third party.

The lady sent me the picture in question and for me it was really easy to find out it was a fake ticket because the confirmation number was too long and it wasn’t an official picture and no more posts from this year, explains Marie-Sulei Landry.

How do you know you have a fake ticket?

Marie-Soleil Landry invites festival-goers to contact the organizers if they are in doubt about the legality of the ticket.

There may be people who are adept at drawings, which can fool our eyes., Emphasizes.

The only way to distinguish a fake ticket from a real one is to eventually scan the barcode written on the electronic ticket on the evening of the event.

If someone, for example, buys a ticket and decides to resell it to ten more people, then he shoots it himself [du billet électronique]. The first person to enter the show, the ticket will be cleared, and there will be no problem. The problem will arise with the other nine people who will try to enter the room in turn: the scanner will be red, explains Marie-Sulei Landry.

Thus, the only way to completely protect yourself from fraud is to make your purchases through the festival’s official ticket office.

Marie-Soleil Landry specifies that only the Salesbarbes and Bois-Joli show has been affected by ticket fraud since the start of the Acadén de Carraques Festival.

With the lifting of COVID-19 related health restrictions, additional seats have been added to many other shows.

The Acadian de Carraques Festival ends on Sunday.

With information from Mary Helen Longing

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