Accident in Sciage Kamouraska: the death of the worker

In a statement, the Federation of Manufacturing and Central Council of Saint Laurent Clothing said they would not comment on the situation any further.

First they want to wait for the results of the CNESST investigation. The two trade union entities offer their condolences to the family and relatives of the victim.

The Lebel Group claims to be in contact with the factory employees and their union. The management of the company provides support as well as psychological assistance to the employee as needed. Lebel Group adds, through a press release, to closely follow the development of the investigation.

The man was sixty years old.

This work accident occurred around 10:30 am Thursday, last week, at the Lebel Group’s Sciage Kamouraska plant, in Saint-Joseph-de-Kamouraska.

According to testimonies, one tried to unscrew a piece near a wooden filing cabinet.

Nancy Legendre, president of the Central Council of Saint Laurent (CSN) dress, notes that the worker would have fallen from a height of about fifteen feet.

One death, so many, reminds us that there is still preventative work to be done. You should be able to work safely and make sure to return home in good health at the end of each day., She says in a press release.

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