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Gone are the days when Radio Canada Television provided its viewers with great TV theaters and a thousand opportunities to perfect their culture. Her quasi-monopolistic status had initially allowed her to embrace an educational message for which nostalgia evokes a deep sorrow. But competition from private channels and then the emergence of digital platforms led her to use a thousand temptations towards the fickle spectator. A compromise here – the decimation or purification of cultural components – pockets of resistance there, the history of preserving their DNA in spite of it all. These sprains had to keep their leads in good shape, if not to calm them down.

All of the CBC / Radio-Canada ironies are spread out in broad daylight these days. Because public hearings prior to renewing its license (and budget) at CRTC for five years are going well through January 27. Officially, the issues on the table concerned only radio and television, as in the old days, the fact remains that …

Crown calls on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to consider digital content in addition to its traditional forums during the year. The problem is that they are not part of the said CRTC mission. Heritage Minister Stephen Gilbault introduced the Bill C-10 schedule in November with the aim of, among other things, amending the mandate of the Anglo-French Public Channel, but before it was adopted in the House of Commons, everyone dived. The CRTC could blindly relax its standards, awaiting a political green light.

Indeed: SRC digital platforms are gradually taking precedence over previously unavoidable meetings in real time in front of a display screen. And now I can follow what I missed the day before on … and that I am listening to the digital content on OHdio in the podcast …

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Earthquake on tv

In terms of substance, however, it is the fate of the small screen that will play there, not the fate of the radio or digital stands, inexpensive, easy-to-control vehicles. Public television is heavy. In addition to offering great Canadian content, it should better represent cultural contrasts, while attracting clients: media on the one hand, relaxation on the other, and countering the onslaught of Netflix and others to bring lost French speakers back into the fold. , If at all possible.

“If we don’t change the way we do things, we run the risk of becoming dinosaurs on a melting ice sheet,” says Catherine Tate, CEO of CBC / Radio Canada. We understand, but digital technology will not solve everything. Public television, shaken by a very powerful earthquake, is striving and sometimes lost.

Owners of unsupported private channels are calling for unfair competition. Some of their shows look like the sisters on public television. it is not fair ! We sometimes ask ourselves: “What is this naughty program doing on a public network?” It is true that major reports on public affairs programs maintain quality standards. The News In general, it works fine. Is it necessary for all this to turn animators into stars outside their neutrality? Some express their opinions in today’s news; Journalism of proximity and opinion that spread in these waves as it is anywhere else.

With the exception of ads that break the news relentlessly! We see some people crammed with bad-mouthed characters, with rocky French, come to fight the efforts of animators to defend a punishing language. Commercials for drippy burgers and parties and big cars, epidemic and green, celebrate the glory of consumerism. Are we in 2021?

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Add Tandem impressions, to ads that disguise themselves as information, that distort genres and make people cry … Radio-Canada doesn’t want to give away its ad revenue. at News At least he spares the spectator? A lot of information goes under our noses during these annoying commercials. Compassion!

It is not known what will result from the public hearings and the CRTC ruling, but CBC / Radio-Canada will not be able to obtain butter and butter money at the end of the process. Our tumultuous times make his five-year tenure so important to keep him from taking a big hit. The inclusion of digital platforms, which time bearing, can easily migrate to CRTC. The fact remains that CBC will undoubtedly have to give up some weight on the advertising side and give up some propaganda distractions. Everything is calling for him to find a clear signature in order to set himself up against the incredible turmoil of this crazy decade.

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