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According to Katsuhiro Harada (Namco), Pokken Tournament 2 is based on Nintendo and The Pokemon Compagny

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Twitter is a network where many characters do not hesitate to express themselves directly with fans and sometimes even to leak current projects. Today we will talk about the famous character of Katsuhiro Harada Bandai Namco Behind the series Tekken. This is not a leak but a potential invitation Nintendo. Members Pokemon Know the implications of that behind Smallpox Championship On the Wii U then switch on the DX. Moreover, this topic is questioned here. In fact, a fan approached our man to see if this test was unique or not smallpox Doomed to return someday. Katsuhiro Harada doesn’t seem against a new game idea but makes it clear that the decisions are on its side Pokemon Corporation And the Nintendo. Thus, the message is clear if Smallpox 2 championship It is a project you may be interested in contacting Nintendo. We let you see the famous tweet below.

Fan Question:
Harada-san, would you see Pokken as a “one-off celebration” for this awesome series or are you open to coming back and doing a sequel in the future if you get the chance?

Product response:
“We have a good relationship with Nintendo and Pokemon Co, Ltd, and then Pokken is well received so I’d like to do one more. However, it’s not we who decide but they are.”

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