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According to the survey, Skoda drivers have the highest IQ, while drivers of electric cars and BMWs have the lowest.

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Alan Binder
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“We wanted to find out, so we asked more than 2,000 drivers to take an intelligence test, the results of which show how smart the participants are,” says Censuswide, who conducted the survey. IQ is an English abbreviation for intelligence quotient and represents an indicator of intelligence. According to studies, nearly two-thirds of the general population achieve an IQ score between 85 and 115, while only 2.5% score less than 70 or above 130 points.

Škoda drivers are the smartest

The study included 22 car brands and it turned out that Škoda drivers with an average IQ of 99 are the most intelligent. Interestingly, other research has also shown that Skoda drivers have the least psychopathic tendencies. This is also why Skoda drivers are among the quietest drivers on the road.

Suzuki (98.09), Peugeot (98.09), Mini (97.79) and Mazda (95.91) follow, with Škoda drivers making up the top five most intelligent drivers by car brand, all with average IQ scores above 95.

At the other end of the scale, our study found that BMW drivers generally have a lower IQ of 91.68, along with Fiat (90.14) and Land Rover drivers (88.58). It should be noted that the global average IQ ranges between 85 and 115, so all those surveyed were within that range.

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