Panic and screams in the Brussels metro. The attacker stabbed several people

A knife-wielding man attacked the Brussels-Schuman metro station near the headquarters of the European Union’s institutions on Monday evening. The Associated Press reported that the 30-year-old perpetrator injured three people before he was arrested by police.

Panic broke out at the Schuman metro station in Brussels just before 6pm. A man with a knife was moving in one of the train cars heading for the centre. The witness described to the Belgian newspaper that “people were running in all directions and screaming a lot.” free.

The attacker injured three people, one of whom is in hospital in critical condition. The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, confirmed that the attack was a knife attack Twitter. The police did not comment on this information.

According to the authorities, there is no indication yet that the motive is related to terrorism, the agency warned AP.

Photographs were taken from the area of ​​Schumann station police officers with weapons. Others showed a man wrapped in heat wrap being treated by paramedics. Associated Press reporters at the scene said the area was closed during the evening rush hour.

Schuman metro station is located in the heart of the European Union district of Brussels, next to the headquarters of the European Commission.

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