Adeline Jerome, “French Language Activist”

Adeline Jerome and her husband have lived in the federal capital for four years. “We thought that by living in this officially bilingual environment, we would get closer to services in French, but that is not necessarily the case,” she said with a sigh.

Adeline Jérôme participated in a demonstration for Franco-Ontario rights in Ottawa on December 1, 2018.

We don’t know where to go to speak French.

In his opinion, Francophonie is still often isolated by the lack of clearly defined meeting places. “We don’t know where to go to speak French.” In this regard, she welcomes the social media that allows French-speaking people across the country to keep in touch.

It also calls for a redefinition of a more open Canadian Francophonie, including more Francophones and newcomers. “Every ethnic group stays on their side, establishes their own bond, and we don’t mix enough, it’s a shame,” Adeline notes.

Adeline Jérôme, Immigration Stories
Adeline Jerome during her 2010 France residency in Carcassonne.

Adeline Jerome wants to retire in France

Since Adeline Jerome has remained deeply attached to France, she knows that with her husband, they will spend their retirement there in about fifteen years.

“We could not work there again, but we will live there happily as tourists. I miss the cultural and culinary heritage of Europe,” the French-Canadian shares with us.

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