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After being accused of sexual harassment, the former New York governor loses an Emmy award

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Los Angeles | Former New York state governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned after being accused of sexual harassment, was stripped of an Emmy award Tuesday that rewarded his televised briefings during the early months of the pandemic.

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The Democrat, who has been in office since 2011, in 2020 earned the status of a national star through his daily press briefings, which were considered logical and reassuring, unlike Donald Trump whose declarations of the health crisis were seen as erratic.

The Academy of Television praised his performance, which awarded him an Emmy.

But the academy announced Tuesday, a day after Andrew Cuomo left the governor’s home in Albany, that it was in the process of removing the statuette of him.

“The International Academy today announced that in light of the New York attorney’s report, followed by Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as Governor, it is withdrawing his Special 2020 Emmy Award,” he said in a press release.

The 168-page report, released in early August, concluded that Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed eleven women, most of them female collaborators and employees, and listed numerous inappropriate gestures or postures.

The governor has long dismissed these accusations. But under pressure from calls to resign from his political camp, including President Biden, he announced on August 10 that he was stepping down.

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Andrew Cuomo was replaced on Tuesday by Kathy Hochhol, also a Democrat. She became the first female governor of New York State.

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