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Alert from scorpion bites and snake bites

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The Ministry of Health has warned of the dangers of scorpion and snake bites, especially for children, during the summer season, which is known to increase cases in some areas, especially in rural areas.

And the Ministry of Health recommended, in a statement, not to put your hands in pits, not to sit in grassy places and next to rocks, to wear shoes and protective clothing, not to collect firewood at night and not to walk in suspicious places. .

In order to avoid the breeding of scorpions and snakes next to residential areas, the same source continues, it is necessary to remove weeds near the dwellings, as well as the maintenance of the yards surrounding them, while sealing the openings in the walls and ceilings, in addition to paving the walls inside and outside the houses with a height of not less than one meter To prevent the penetration of these animals.

In the case of a scorpion and snake bite, the Ministry of Health emphasizes the need to transfer the victim to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, since any delay in care has negative consequences and reduces the effectiveness of therapeutic intervention. It is noted that the use of traditional treatment methods such as suction, sucking or cauterization in the area of ​​the bite or sting, and the use of chemicals or herbs, often leads to serious complications.

In the event of any emergency, the National Center for Poison Control and Pharmacovigilance should be contacted at the economic number 0801000180, it is claimed.

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It is noteworthy that Morocco records annually more than 25 thousand cases of poisoning by scorpion stings, and about 350 cases of poisoning by snake bites.

The national strategy to confront these risks has made it possible to reduce the mortality rate associated with scorpion stings, which decreased from 2.37% in 1999 to 0.16% in 2019. The national strategy has also enabled a significant decrease in the rate of scorpion stings. Deaths due to snakebites increased from 44.3% in 2015 to 2% in 2019.

The press release stated that hospitals in the hardest-hit areas received the necessary medical devices and medicines to deal with the phenomenon, noting that the anti-scorpion serum is no longer used due to its ineffectiveness.

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