Amazon Canada surprises the heroes of everyday life

Inspired by everyday heroes, Amazon Canada related with pirate heart and designer Quebec Camille Charland Perez To learn about the work of exceptional Quebecers.

Julien Donatelli, site manager at oneAmazon In Quebec, she has been dubbed the “Heroine of Everyday Life” by her colleagues because of her exceptional work over the years within the nursery community. was surprised by Amazon CanadaAnd pirate heart And the local designer Camille Charland Perez, who decorated her home for the holidays using products, including several from local businesses.

Selfless heroine
After her colleagues called Joleen the daily heroine, Amazon Canada Offered to decorate his house. She graciously declined and instead asked to be refurnished La Maison d’Herel, a Montreal-based organization that provides a place to live, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

“Since I love to celebrate the end of the year and give back to the community, this is beyond my desires,” she says. Julien Donatelli, Site Manager Amazon Canada. “I’m drenched in generosityAmazon, who not only decorated my house in the holidays, but furnished above all else La Maison d’Herel. Amazon Canada He thus contributed to improving the lives of some of the people who needed it most. This is a very unique opportunity and I will always be grateful for it Amazon Canada To help me “give to my neighbour,” and contribute to one of the most hidden struggles unfolding around us.”

In November 2021, Amazon CanadaAnd pirate heart And the local designer Camille Charland Perez Teamed up to transform three spaces of House Hirilwhich has been supporting people living with HIV/AIDS for nearly 30 years. In addition to this transformation, Amazon Canada Charitable donation to the housing center.

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To learn more about this decorative transformation, click here.

Amazon 2Julien Donatelli
Amazon 3Michelle and Jill in Maison d’Herelle
Amazon 4Camille Charland Perez

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