A Canadian won’t hire a woman, according to George Laraki

The topic of the hour in Montreal is who will be appointed General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens. It’s a buzzword for obvious reasons, but also because Jeff Gorton said he wouldn’t hesitate to go out of the box to find the perfect candidate.

From there, several suggestions emerged. Agents were popular for a moment, and the names of several eligible women featured in the debate. and yesterday We learned that three women were officially under study.

Can any of them get the job? Not according to George Laraki.

The reason is simple in his eyes: it is a matter of experience. No woman has the necessary experience at this time to be considered for the job. The tweet has since been deleted.

That’s why he wasn’t seeing a guy like Patrick Roy get the job either.

Laraki asserts that CH wants to create a smokescreen by naming some women to be part of the regeneration movement, but concretely, the experience isn’t there.

Note that the former CH player is only talking here about the DG function. He does not believe that seeing a woman as an assistant is impossible, on the contrary. Given the circumstances, we feel he doesn’t think the GM would be a puppet like Jeff Gorton, therefore.

Remember, the Miami Marlins (MLB) recently hired North America’s first female general manager, Kim Ng. However, her case is different, because everyone agrees that she should have had her first chance 15 years ago.

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A French-speaking candidate of this nature is not on the radar of the Canadian according to the host, which motivates the ad of Larraque, who believes we should hire the general manager for his skills and not be part of a movement.

And let’s say the curator’s statement caused a reaction.

I can’t wait to see a woman take on such a role in the NHL. And for that to happen, we’re going to need more and more women in Executive Vice President positions — and it has to start fast.

I hope to see at least many more women who have the right to interview CH over the next few weeks for the CEO position. After all, nothing prevents CH, later on, from offering another position in the organization if necessary, right?


Speaking of George Laraki, let’s say he didn’t like Stephen White’s comments on Jonathan Drouin. I recall that the former goalkeeper coach mentioned this internally in CH, We laughed at Darwin’s scoring talent.

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