Amnesia: Rebirth – The Epic Games Store gives you a free dip into the dark until 4/28/22

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this weekEpic Games Store It once again presents us with two diametrically opposed addresses. If you are looking for a colorful adventure to share with your kids, don’t stay here! Click directly on this link so we can talk to you about it RIVERBUND. On the other hand, if you are of age and want to shiver in front of your computer, then stay with us, jkenplay will present to you Memory loss: rebirth Developed and published by Frictional Games

for the small story, Memory loss: rebirth And its Metallic Black Line is a psychological horror video game that was released on October 20, 2020. It is the sequel to memory loss; dark lineage, a title released in 2010. Here you play a technical designer going on an archaeological expedition to Algeria. Unfortunately, you lock yourself in the desert and don’t know what happened. where is the rest ?

Memory loss: rebirth It offers you a way to live a chilling story.

Swedish studio Friction games It presents you with a harrowing journey through ruin and despair. Do you dare to explore the limits of human resilience?
“Let not one breath escape. The creature is near. Its only purpose: to feed on your fear. So here you are, crouching in the dark, trying to contain your fear, trying to silence what’s inside you.”
“Time is against you. Put yourself in place set up He guides her through her horror and pain. You will have to struggle through a desolate landscape while facing your bitter hopes, fears, and regrets. Despite this, you will have to keep going, step by step, knowing that if you fail, you will lose everything. »

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If you like video games that are closer to an interactive video game experience rather than an action game, Memory loss: rebirth can satisfy you. Try it! It’s free until Thursday, April 28, 2022, 5 PM! Once you have it in your game library, it is yours for life. This is where it happens. We are waiting for your feedback or any questions. Tell us all in the comments below or on social media: FB, TwitterAnd meInstagram And discord.
Note that the title is also available at Playstation 4.

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