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An “exceptional” race by Genevieve Lalonde

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For the 9:22 AM run twice, that’s still the best I’ve done. So I can’t be happy with this, which are two national recordsThe Acadian Rocket let out a breath right after its race.

It was a very turbulent race. From the start, the 29-year-old Acadian has struggled to establish her footing, which made racing a bit more complicated for her.

Honestly, I gave it my all today, she added.

It’s a phenomenonMark Baudouin said. The man from Dieppe was already a coach for Genevieve during his early years and his wife, Patti Blanchard, his coaching partner.

Marc Baudouin coached Genevieve Lalonde in his early days.

Photo: Radio Canada / Francois Leblanc

In her case, strategically speaking, she ran very well, as she should. Very happy with the resultMr. Baudouin confirmed.

When Genevieve was only 11 years old, Patti Blanchard and Mark Baudouin saw something special in her. His smile and strength have always been an asset to the Acadian Olympic athlete.

It’s great to see the general perform like this at his best and with such strength.‘, added Patti Blanchard, sobbing as she remembered sharing tracks with Genevieve Lalonde in Moncton.

The Acadians recovered from the injury in time for the Tokyo Games.

A few months ago, I wasn’t sure I could make it to the starting line, not even make it to the final. It’s really thanks to my teamathletic progress.

Genevieve Lalonde finished the race at the age of 11NS Arranged in Tokyo. She was ranked 16NS During the 2016 Rio Games.

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With information from François Le Blanc

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