Android 12 beta 3 is available and offers many new features

Google recently released a new beta for Android 12. Beta 3 continues to add features including scrolling screenshots, faster global app search on the device, and improved auto-rotation.

Credit: Google

A little over a month after the second beta of Android 12Google has finally released the third version of the Pixel smartphones. About the calendar Android 12This third Android 12 beta is important, because This is the last release before the OS was released to a stable release in the fall.

This means thatThis is supposed to be the last update to introduce a whole host of new features. In fact, Google should then focus on fixing bugs before releasing a stable version.

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What new features does Android 12 beta 3 bring?

Android 12 Beta 3 offers scrollable screenshots. When you take a screenshot, there will be A new “Capture More” button in the menu takes users to a full preview with the ability to adjust cropping. Apps with a highly customized user interface will also be able to take advantage of the new ScrollCapture API.

Google has also improved the auto-rotate feature. Instead of just using your smartphone’s accelerometer, Auto-rotate will also depend on what your device’s front camera sees to be faster and responsive. In fact, you will now take into account the way you look at your phone to see if you want to use it in landscape or portrait mode. If you don’t want to use the front camera, However, the standard auto spin is now up to 25% faster with this update.

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Another notable improvement in the third beta of Android 12 is Add a new search engine on the device called AppSearch, This makes it easy for apps to find the data on your phone without sacrificing security. Google also emphasizes the importance it places on mobile games through advertising Features like “Play while downloading”. It will soon be possible to run some games while they are installed on your smartphone, provided that the developer has made this possible.

Android 12 Beta 3 is now available on select Pixel phones It can be installed via OTA update. Several other manufacturers are participating in the beta program, but This new version should not reach all smartphones at the same time.

Source : Engadget

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