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911 senders are indicating an increase in UFO calls

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There have definitely been more reports of UFOs and satellitesAccording to Interim Director of Operations Tracey Duvall.

We get a lot of calls regarding the launch of SpaceX. They leave a very specific trail in the sky and don’t touch the ground, so you can quickly explain to people that they are satellites.

According to Mrs. Duval, some people really think that aliens have landed here and are trying to break into their homes.

Makes you smile, then you have to tell them, “I’m sure everything will be fine.”She explained.

Sometimes people say, “No, that’s the truth, the aliens are coming.” Other times, it’s more about making sure that no one breaks into their home and thinks it’s an alien.

Several reports every year

According to a survey by Ufology Research in Winnipeg, UFO reports jumped 46% in 2020.

In all, 1,243 such events were reported during the year, according to Chris Rutkovsky of the Center for Ufology.

According to the astronomer, this increase in the number of reports is mainly related to the fact that people have been looking at the sky a lot since the beginning of the epidemic.

Astronomy is seeing a surge in popularity, Ron Waldron, president of the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society of Saskatoon. It is cited as evidence of the dearth of telescopes among merchants.

Soon people began to look up at the sky. It’s like they’ve never seen it before, so what astronomers have been monitoring for years knowing what it is, other people looking at it, and thinking, “I don’t know what it is. It must be a UFO.”

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According to him, more and more satellites are being sent into orbit and can be seen with the naked eye, To the dismay of astronomers.

People are not necessarily able to interpret what they see. There have been no more unidentified flying bodies since the start of the epidemic than there used to beConcludes.

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