Another step towards equal pay in American football

The Soviet Union firmly believed that the best way forward for the parties involved, but also for the future of sport in the United States was to have a single payroll for both national teams.The union wrote in a statement on Tuesday.

This proposal would ensure that American players would be among the highest paid in any national team around the world. The USSF also says it wants to create a revenue-sharing structure.

The men’s team’s contract has expired since December 2018, while the women’s contract expires next December.

Players’ unions, which are two separate entities, have not commented on the announcement.

Regarding bonuses offered when participating in the World Cup, which is another claim to American players, the federation says it will not sign a new agreement if there is no correction.

Long-term battle

Members of the women’s soccer team have fought in recent years to ensure that their working conditions are similar to those of their male colleagues.

pursuit of Gender discrimination has been institutionalized for many years He was lifted by 28 players for the team in 2019.

The Soviet Union had reached an agreement in 2020 with members of its women’s national team so that they would have Equal rights to the men’s team in terms of charter flights, hotels, pitch selection and professional support staff.

However, a judge dismissed the players’ equal pay complaint, saying they rejected a game-based structure like that used with the men’s team, preferring a higher base salary and benefits.

But members of the women’s national team have appealed the case. The court is scheduled to hear the case in 2022.

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