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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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UN remind. One of the strangest assertions of the past 16 months has spread in recent weeks in conspiracy circles: It is said that the vaccine should be avoided, because it can “kick” the vaccine.

A small handful of companies and even a school have announced that they will refuse entry to those who have been vaccinated for this reason. Aside from the fact that this “theory” is meaningless, what is supposed to be “expelled” is not explained anyway.

But the fact of believing in it suffices to confuse anti-vaccines with a conviction that the pandemic was never dangerous – or never existed – and so the masks were useless.

Admittedly, not all vaccines against masks are anti-masks, but the common denominator between the two groups is the denial of the seriousness of the epidemic, and thus the rejection of the legitimacy of the health measures represented by wearing a mask and social distancing. So they currently face a strong cognitive dissonance – which occurs when someone, in the face of two competing beliefs, is forced to reject one of them.

In fact, if so far it is believed that masks and social distancing are unnecessary because the virus is harmless, then why do we promote masks and social distancing against a vaccine containing a harmless virus? And what if we believed that the mask was a plan of the world’s elites to enslave humanity? At the same time, anyone who has seen the hypothesis of a vaccine passport – to identify people who have been vaccinated – should plot another elite, should find it difficult to justify their desire to identify those who have been vaccinated with a marker. One influential New York vaccinator – who is also a pediatrician – has suggested isolating those who have been vaccinated.

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Finally, if we thought the mask was useless to prevent the virus, it is difficult to see how it would be beneficial to prevent what the vaccine was supposed to “kick out”.

Despite this last point, some have already found a solution: they sell some kind of masks in natural sanitary sites that will protect against the “flushing out” of the vaccine. As Vice Magazine writes, the fear that all this will cause a portion of the population is very real. “Where there is fear, there is money to be made.”

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