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Arena Deck 1 Clash Royale, Best decks to win – Breakflip

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Here are the most powerful and effective decks in Clash Royale Arena 1. We give you a list of advice!

To upgrade quickly clash royaleYou need to quickly get all the cards in the game. In Arena 1, it’s difficult to create very competitive formations because of Small amount of cards which you have. However, you must be consistent in your card choices.

We will give you 2 decks that you can use in Arena 1 in Clash Royale. the Giant is the only tank in Arena 1It will be used in all cases.

What are the best decks for arena 1 clash royale 2022?

base floor 1

To start the fight, play giant in the background of the map. Accompany it with your gargoul Where they can attack on the ground and in the air. You can pre-shoot your opponent using arrows if playing orcsAnd gargoul or shooters. the mini pika It’s also a good asset if you want to attack because it deals great damage.

In terms of defense, you have Chevalier Who is highly qualified to defend everything in addition to the Knight From there to help the tower in the event of an attack. the Cage de Jobelin Very useful because it allows you to rotate a file giant Enemy and make him lose the momentum of the tower.

2nd floor advanced

deck 1-2

This group is a good assortment to defend yourself against. giants Thanks to mini pika and the Cage de Jobelin. You can start by placing a file the Knight Behind the King Tower. If the opponent plays giant, use your mini pika Because it will kill it before it touches the tower. if play mini pika, play your orcs to confront him. the arrows Beside ball of fire They will be used to finish the tower if you have already taken damage.

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Weaknesses on the deck are arrows Beside fire balls Since you have a lot of cards with low hit points. But it is still very effective.

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