Artificial intelligence could shorten the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis

Artificial intelligence (AI) tool can drastically reduce diagnostic time for psoriatic arthritis patients, welcomes the educated community in a press release.

“It’s primarily dermatologists who treat patients with psoriasis and we have the opportunity to ask them about potential joint pain because about 10% of them may have osteoarthritis but without knowing it,” recalls lead author Dr. Jonathan Shapiro of McCabe Health Services. The statement was quoted by Ramat Hasharon.

Since patients do not always associate joint pain with skin problems, they will talk to their general practitioner or orthopedic surgeon. But the latter can miss a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis because these symptoms are not very specific, leading to delayed care and risks of irreversible lesions and disability, he continues.

In this retrospective study, Dr. Shapiro and colleagues discover ways to recognize early

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