Magnetic dentures: the controversial invention for weight loss

New Zealand researchers have invented a dental device to aid weight loss. The results of the first tests of the device seem convincing, but they are far from unanimous.

This new invention will leave you speechless. In New Zealand, researchers found Radical solutionTo help fight the global obesity epidemic“: le “DentalSlim Diet Control”. It is a dental device equipped with a magnetic mechanism with locking screws. Wearers of the device can only open their mouths 2mm, limiting their diet to a liquid diet.

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“reversible alternative”

This appliance must be fitted by dentists and although it limits the opening of the mouth, “It allows freedom of expression and does not restrict breathing”, according to information from researchers at the University of Otago. In the event of an emergency, It can still be removed by the users themselves Through the tool, and put it back again.

According to Professor Paul Brunton, author of the research and vice president of health sciences at the University of Otago, DentalSlim Diet Control is an “effective, safe, and affordable” tool. This is compared to expensive weight loss surgeries. “It is a non-surgical, reversible, economical and attractive alternative [comparée] Surgical procedures“, He says.

Loss rate of 6 kg

As part of product testing, testing was conducted in Dunedin in southern New Zealand. The participants reportedly lost an average of 6.36 kg in two weeks. After this period, the tool can unlock and the wearer can enter a less restricted period. According to the researchers, These volunteers were excited to continue their weight loss journey.

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Furthermore it, Participants would gain self-esteem and feel better after the experiment. They still noted some flaws in the device: discomfort and lack of aesthetics. These standards have since been revised. The DentalSlim Diet Control is now smaller for a more aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable look.

However, for some Internet users, this invention is still very radical, even shocking. Some compare it to a tool of torture. Others remember the first similar device, dating back 50 years according to an Internet user, which was a real failure: “Once you take it off, we get the weight back“, Witness.

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