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TPS sci-fi draws a mysterious first trailer

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It was announced last June as part of the E3 and Summer Games Festival, The scars above She reappeared during the opening Night Live, Gamescom’s inaugural conference broadcast last night. In addition to the first post A mysterious short trailer that mixes cinematic and gameplay stagesIn this article, the science fiction TPS game developed by Mad Head Games has provided some information about its scenario and universe.

Released on PC and consoles in early 2023

According to the press release provided by Prime Matter, the title will put us in the place of Dr. Kate Ward, astronaut and scientist on the SCAR (Conscious Communication and Response Assessment) team. Responsible for uncovering the secrets surrounding the Methahedron, a giant alien structure that has appeared in orbit around Earth, unfortunately finds itself trapped on a strange exoplanet located at the other end of space.

So we will have to help him to survive in this new environment inhabited by hostile creatures using weapons, devices and consumables that we will find during our journey. In addition to the battles, the game will invite us to explore different biomes in order to lift the veil on the mysteries surrounding the exoplanet, and who knows, maybe we will find a way back home.

Initially aiming for this year’s edition, The scars above It has to happen eventually Early 2023 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.. Note that according to the Prime Matter press release and even if it isn’t referenced in the video, it’s still Looks like the title is also planned for Xbox One.

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